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November 2008

Beyond the Pale

Holy shit! Al Qaeda called Obama a house negro! Dude, that is uncool, even by Al Qaeda standards. This is kind of like the Dog the Bounty Hunter thing all over again. Before you know it Bin Laden is going to meet up with Al Sharpton and shit.

Anti Mexican Violence

Listen closely. At the 31 second mark, I think the narrator says hurling racial epitaphs. What is this country coming to when innocent people are having epitaphs hurled at them instead of epithets? Like, damn. . . Then the police commissioner, at a press conference, has to correct himself when he almost says “Messkins” instead […]


Government does not create wealth. At best, it simply moves around wealth that other people have created. At worst, it punishes productivity sending workers and private industry fleeing to other jurisdictions. Michigan’s Governor Granholm is a good example of the latter. From this article: Michigan has had the nation’s highest average annual unemployment rate since […]


The bald guy on CNN, Ali something or other, keeps having trouble saying “Norfolk, Virginia”. Twice he’s pronounced it “Norfuck.” Epic!!!!