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August 2008

Sarah Palin, King of teh Eskimos!

I told myself I have to stop speaking on things based on first impressions because it often turns out that my first impressions are mistaken in some form and I then end up on the wrong side of the argument. I will, however, tell you what I thought about John McCain tapping Sarah Palin for […]


A recent blast from the past (video link).

Worst Essay Ever

The essay is here. My comments are as follows: I read the following article on your website: http://www.mysistahs.org/features/hiphop.htm This is quite possibly the most poorly written work ever produced by human beings. I might actually be inclined to agree with your position but the essay was written terribly. You should get a man to proofread […]


At best, dumb. At worst, criminally stupid. Down with mysticism.

The Fittest Survive

Once again it seems that the conservationists’ cries of alarm have been premature. CNN reports a new finding of the existence of an estimated 125,000 gorillas living in the equatorial Africa. This by itself outnumbers the 1980s estimate that said there were only 100,000 of the apes left worldwide. The resurgence of the numbers should […]