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February 2008

Depressed People

If you are reading this and you think this post is specifically about you, it most assuredly is not. I’m currently associated with more than one depressed person, in fact I’m dealing with more than two or even three. These people do not know each other. The more I think about it, the only common […]

The Democratic Ideal

I am angry today. Hillary Clinton is touting the fact that she is the only candidate for universal health coverage. As much as I hate war, I would rather have eight more years of war than universal health coverage. This is because, unlike universal health coverage, a war is an evil that could eventually end. […]

Boys Will be Boys

Man kills stepmother and has sex with her corpse. What a little scamp! What mischief will he get into next? 😀


It’s not the pinball you’re thinking of. When I was in Grand River Elementary School, pinball was a modification of the game more commonly known as dodge-ball or bombardment. The only difference was each team has a single bowling pin at the back of their side of the gym which was set directly under the […]