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January 2008

Fabulous Friday Pool Shooting

I was at the bar waiting for the pool shooting regulars when Mike Ryan showed up. Mike is one of the best players I know and he wanted to shoot a few games. I was like au-ight so I broke out the Lucasi I bought off of Kman when I lost my other stick. When […]

Beyond the Pale (More Al Sharpton)

This from Al Sharpton regarding Kelly Tilghman’s Tiger Woods remark: But Sharpton insists it doesn’t matter how profusely someone apologizes, no more than it matters who forgives Tilghman for her remark. “It’s not about Tiger Woods. It’s about the station. It’s about using public airwaves to offend people,” Sharpton said. “Some things are beyond the […]

A Holocaust

Shame on the Golf Channel for suspending golf anchor Kelly Tilghman for a poor choice of words. In discussing Tiger Woods’ dominance in his sport and the incredible challenge of young golfers having to compete with him, another commentator said “maybe they should gang up on him for a while” to which she added “lynch […]

Malicious and Selective Prosecution

Oh, so Myspace is the victim now? It’s not enough that they want to pass Fat Megan’s Law but now they want to selectively prosecute Lori Drew for misrepresenting herself on Myspace, something that nobody else in history ever gets prosecuted for. This is total 100% bullshit. People misrepresent on Myspace all the time as […]

Hillary Clinton Runs Your Life

The beast’s fangs show through its smile: “I care about what is going on in peoples lives. That’s how I got involved in this kind of work. That’s what I think a president should be concerned about. And there’s a lot of concern and worry and just people hoping and praying that their problems are […]


It amuses me how, as a general rule, people tend to presume that when they die they are going to end up in heaven and that they will reside therein, enjoying all the amenities there. They tend to ignore the possibility that they might not go anywhere other than the ground or that they could […]


Not that I’m elite or anything, I know I’m not. But at level 37 (or something) I’m higher than this 14 who keeps messaging asking if we can group so he can level up quicker. He’s in my guild so it wouldn’t be a big issue if I wasn’t ON ANOTHER CONTINENT when he messages […]