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January 2008


Somebody in Sweden found my blog by googling Fat Megan. I don’t know what possessed them to enter those keywords but I think that is just awesome! Beers!!!


It seems that John Edwards is calling it quits. It was a good run. Let’s give him some nice send-off music.

My Biggest Fears

1. A midget with a crossbow 2. Chinese NASCAR What else should make the list??

Language Debate

The following is portions of an online debate I was having about race and language. My words are in black: It’s not just about self esteem, there are also other very real differences, such as the fact that when an African learns English, he is learning standard English, whereas many black Americans grow up learning […]

Overheard Today

“Ah my old nemesis: the alphabet!” Ok, the reason I overheard it was cuz I was the one who said it. But the important thing is it scored some bewildered looks. Get ’em in.

Stay Black!

Good news, I now have proof that all mankind had black ancestors. Accordingly, I am now down. 🙂

Presidential Debates

The thing that is at once the greatest strength and the greatest weakness of the United States political system is the fact that Presidential candidates must win favor in the eyes of The People. It is the greatest strength because no person can merely assume power on the basis of commanding extreme loyalty among the […]

Open Tables

Xiaoting Pan is now my computer wallpaper. Ice Angel, bitches!!! I went to the bar on Wednesday night to shoot pool and give my clicky-finger a rest from WoW. I was waiting for Kman when I noticed that they had opened the pool tables for the night. Since I didn’t have to pay for the […]

Hillary’s Remark Disected

It’s too early to tell but, in a close Democratic primary race, Hillary may have doomed her campaign with her civil rights remark. Black Michigan democrats have overwhelmingly favored uncommitted over Hillary Clinton in the Michigan primary and with the South Carolina primary on the horizon, this could be sign of things to come. But […]

Hillary and the Civil Rights Movement