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December 2007

Movie Review: The Golden Compass

Imagine a world where people’s “souls” are external animal tagalong creatures called demons, and that these creatures manifest the characteristics of the person they belong to. Further imagine that a person with a fierce demeanor would have a demon which was an aggressive monkey and that a cunning person would be have a demon snake […]

Hillary Clinton

I wish people would stop anthropomorphizing Hillary Clinton. I’ve heard people speculate about how rough it must have been for her when Slick Willie was caught busting a nut on Monica Lewinski. Pu-fucking-shaw! That’s not a normal marriage and it hasn’t been for decades. Bill/Hillary Inc. has been a political entity in the guise of […]


Mike Huckabee

For more on Mike Huckabee, go to this video and check it out at about the 8:30 mark. Or watch it from the beginning, the entire thing is good.

The Golden Compass

I go to the movie theater on average about twice a year. I’m rather picky about what I will go to see. I saw all the Star Wars movies, the Lord of the Rings, and the Incredibles at the theater when they came out but I did not go out to watch the Spidermans, the […]

Ricky Holland is Dead Again!!!

Just when you thought that Ricky Holland couldn’t get more dead, the Lansing State Journal comes out with yet another article about him. So the news today is that Ricky Holland is dead again!!! Jesus Christ, this kid dies more than I do when I’m all by myself on the Vertigo map on America’s Army. […]