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December 2007

Thick as Thieves

Not only do police lie, they also create crime in order to justify their own existence in order to (what else?) fight the crime they created. Apparently all the pre-existing crimes have already been solved so they need to create situations to tempt otherwise law-abiding citizens in order to drum up some business. Amazing. Those […]

Dead Pool List Prediction

My Benazir Bhutto prediction was right on the money. I predicted this last month in comments on R’s blog. Oh by the way R, you were wondering why Musharraf appears to appease the extremists while only going through the motions of cracking down on them, THAT is why. Like I said he’s gone about as […]

New Holiday

Fuck Kwanzaa. If it’s two things I hate, it’s racism and traditions. So I’m definitely hating Kwaanza since it’s an new tradition invented to give a racist alternative to Christmas. In protest I think I’m going to invent a new Mexican-American alternative to Christmas. Every member of a subsection of American society should do the […]

Book II: The Subtle Knife

Nooooo! The cowboy died! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! blank blank blank blank blank (that was a spoiler)

A Three Hour Tour Gone Horribly Wrong


As a general rule I don’t believe in the benevolent lie. I believe it’s possible to tell the truth judiciously, which is to say tactfully, but I don’t believe in lying for the sake of good, not to people who aren’t your sworn enemies anyway. I remember one day when my two middle kids put […]


There is a a post over at UNLV’S Super Sexy Message Board regarding universal health care. It’s well written and I agree with the post in its entirety. I would like to go off on a tangent and talk about the supposed “right” to health care. Many people have a complete misunderstanding of rights in […]


When I was a kid I didn’t know any Jews. To rephrase, I’m sure I knew people who were Jewish, I just didn’t know that they were. It was really a non-issue in my childhood. It wasn’t until I read The Autobiography of Malcolm X in my teenage years that I was aware that anti-Semitism […]


From Philip Pullman’s “The Golden Compass”: The intercessor was a plump, elderly man known as Father Heyst. It was his job to lead all the College services, to preach and pray and hear confessions. When Lyra was younger, he had taken an interest in her spiritual welfare, only to be confounded by her sly indifference […]

Plausible Deniability

When you’re gonna disappear for a while, to “do dirt”, or whatever it is you do, it’s never a good idea to claim to have been kidnapped. As much as you might think this gives you carte blanche to just do anything without having to account for your time away, it’s ultimately way too much […]