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November 2007

14-Year Old Dies for Near-Eastern Sky God

The story is here.

Mitt Romney Thinks Honesty is a Vice

CNN asks the question was Obama’s answer about drug use too honest? I thought it was a stupid question. If it’s one thing that set me against Bill Clinton it was the fact that he lied to us about fucking Monica Lewinski and I believe he lied when he said he didn’t inhale. I found […]

Finances are All Set

CHA-CHING!!! Seriously, this guy might need psychiatric attention more than jail time. This is more crazy than stupid (although it is both).

World of Warcraft

I’m in. I’m like a level 8 now which means I’m still a nub. I don’t care, it’s awesome. I don’t have a plan, I just go around and do stuff. I’m gonna have to make a screenshot of my character. I am PokemonHateyou.

Brain Burner

Question: What do illiterate people do to pass the time when they’re on the toilet????? (this is not a riddle, I really can’t begin to figure this one out)

Fat Megan’s Law

The family of the 13-year old girl who killed herself after an online hoax is trying to change the law to make it illegal for an adult to pose as a teenager on the internet. How utterly stupid. It’s already against the law to try to seduce a minor so that is not what this […]

Need is Not a Value

It’s one of Ayn Rand’s best lines and perhaps the closest way possible to sum up her Rational Objectivist philosophy in one short statement. To say “need is not a value” is to nip altruist-collectivist ethics and all its damnable spawn in the bud. The underlying idea within this statement is that the ends do […]

MSU v Penn State

To DG: I apologize in advance for the fact that Penn State is going down tomorrow. Final score, MSU 23 Penn State 17.


A section from this story I’m writing: I was hammering away at the keys copying the text when I saw a pink bike being fastened to the bike rack outside. I remember thinking that if my life was a movie that a pink bike for a little girl would not survive the script. It was […]


I don’t care about Kanye West or his mom.  I’m not saying that she deserved to die.  People die all the time, that’s just something that just is.  All I’m saying is that every time I hear Kanye West all I can think of is the no-class jackass who interrupts awards ceremonies when he doesn’t […]