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October 2007

Epistles Me Off

In the news today, a man claims that his iPod burst into flames causing his pants to catch on fire. Or so he says. If his pants are on fire, does that not directly impugne his credibility? I noticed that when I’m on a Windows computer and I’m getting ready to enter a blog entry there […]

Debating with My Cousin

Back in February I was in Texas and I found myself debating with my cousin Ramon. I should preface this by saying he’s a really good guy and we always get along (my mother’s brood has always gotten along well with those of my aunt Mary), but Ramon and I should never debate against each […]

A Moment of Silence

It’s not really a moment of silence if I’m typing words as usual now is it? Wrap your mind around that! No, what I’m writing about today is the fact that I’m tired of people calling for a moment of silence whenever somebody buys it. It’s stupid and it never works. I’ve seen people do […]


This from Fyodor Dostoevsky’s “The Gambler”: There on the left, on the other half of the table, a young woman, by herself except for a dwarf, was conspicuous among the players. Who the dwarf was I don’t know: a relative, perhaps, or perhaps she simply brought him with her for effect. HAHHAHAHA.  I guess for […]


This is what I was talking about.