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October 2007

Be Prepared

It’s ok, I brought a note: (stop squinting and click thumbnail for larger view)

What a Maroon!

If you will notice in the upper right hand corner of this blog I posted a maroon colored link called “Battling Amy Lee Fans”. This might be a little misleading because I am a fan of Amy Lee myself. I like her boobs, her singing voice, her haunting melodies, and her persona in the Evanescence […]

Oh My God

Pregnant women of the world take heed! Make this the name you choose for your baby boy! Thanks to DG for being my unwitting inspiration for me to search for that name on a baby names list.

Muslim Letter to Christians

In the news 138 Prominent Muslims sent a letter to Christians in the spirit of unity and commonalities, asking for peace and understanding between the faiths. This is all well and good but I think it would have been funnier if, instead of sending it as a letter, they would have sent it in a […]

Ann Coulter is Stupid

American would be better if everyone were Christian huh? Well I got one better for you Ann. America would be even better than that if there were no religiously biggoted cunts like you. Jesus! I know I make seemingly intolerant remarks all the time but I draw the line at implyin that people who don’t […]

The Intuitive Leaps of Death

I’m recalling something I read in Steven Pinker’s writings. I don’t have the book with me so I’m paraphrasing. He basically said that while the human mind evolved to deal with the challenges of a hunter-gatherer world, the intuitions are wrong when it comes to abstract subjects such as mathematics and economics. For example, if […]

Domestic Violence

Sometimes I can criticize someone’s argument without being opposed to their actual position. I’ve done this in the past in arguing against the bad logic used by many pro-choicers. I’ll assail the poorly framed arguments even though I don’t believe the government should ban abortion. It was after one of these instances that I adopted […]


We Michiganders refer to it as “pop”. Texans call it all “Coke”, regardless of the brand. In other places it is referred to as soda or soda pop. Whatever it is, it has been ubiquitous ever since it was invented by mad scientists on the east coast in the 1800s. When I was a teenager […]

Fiction Writing

I’m writing a suspense/horror story. I’m up to page 34. I find the trick to writing good fiction is to convey implausible events in such a way that the reader finds it believable. I create characters based partly on me and on other people I know in real life and then I give them a […]

Michigan State University versus Northwestern

Michigan State’s defense is about as effective as the Mexican border. I would use them to strain my spaghetti but I’m afraid the noodles would slip through too.