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October 2007


I was just thinking about the fact that all the candidates for President suck and that Henry Winkler should run for President, not as himself, but reprising his role and actually BEING the Fonz. I went to Wikipedia and started reading about Fonzie and found this: Henry Winkler has reported that, even today, he still […]


These people are being brought up on slavery charges. They are accused of keeping two Indonesian women as slaves for years in their Long Island home. I don’t know about the guy but the woman ought to object that her own face is prejudicial to the trial. Just look at her, she looks like a […]

All Your Thoughts are Belong to Us!

Phelps hipped me to this article about the new Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. This story begins by talking about Bobby Jindal as being a “man of no colorâ€? and I thought it was going to be a celebration of intellectual freedom over race-based prejudices and the ushering of race relations into a new era. Boy […]


My throat suddenly hurts really bad. I can only presume I have the drug resistant strep that kills you. Thanks everybody it’s been nice. If I die and someone wants to finish writing the novel that’s on my computer it’s one third of the way done. You will need some sleuth software to get the […]

The Devil’s Trill

I finally have a theme song. Now I just need Vanessa Mae to follow me around and play this all the time.

Political Grid

I’ve long held that the right/left dichotomy of American politics simply doesn’t hold up. I submit, for you examination, the first comment left by “R” on this blog on December 22, 2004: What the shit? Is this some sort of conservative blog? Cuz it sure doesn’t fucking read like it. No, it’s not a conservative […]

Big Texans and Monkeys

I just learned something this weekend. The University of Michigan’s backup quarterback is a 6’6″ freshman from Texarkana, Texas. His nickname (no kidding) is Big Tex. Whoda thunk it? Also in the news, New Delhi Deputy Mayor dies in monkey attack. Is something like this in store for the new Louisiana mayor? Should bigger monkeys […]

What, Me Worry?

Louisiana elects Aflred E. Newman as governor!


People in the United States have the constitutional right to life. That means no one can legally take your life away from you without due process or without legal just cause (e.g., self-defense). The constitutional right to life does NOT mean that the government or private citizens have the duty to provide you with life […]

Stupid Juries

When a jury is empaneled they are given basic instructions on the meanings of such terms as “beyond a reasonable doubt” and they the concept of “innocent until proven guilty” is explained. Such ideas form the cornerstone for American jurisprudence and they are in place to protect liberty and the American way of life. Then […]