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September 2007

Danny Phantom Loving You

My daughter made these pictures, I just set them to the music and and stuck it on youtube. I am immensely proud of her, I cannot stress that enough. Now I’m gonna go get a beer.

Punching People in the Face with Linguistics

I was in this online conversation where somebody objected to the term “girlfriend” being used to refer to an adult female. This guy said the term was wrong and I pointed out that English does not have term for adult non-married relationship partner that has caught on (partner sounding too vague and significant other sounding […]

GM Shrugged

The State of Michigan is facing an imminent government shutdown because of an economic crisis. In recent years General Motors has been forced to lay people off and shut down factories because the commie UAW has done their best to restrict GM from responding to new market challenges by the usual means such as lowering […]

The 80s

Since DG thinks it’s a good idea to post pictures of herself from the 1980s on her blog I’ve decided that I would do the same.  This picture was taken in the summer of 1986 in Columbus, Georgia on my first brief escape from West Texas. On the left you have the infamous Tyrone Tronae Allen […]

The Most Important Person

Man, I love the intro to these Captain Kangaroo skits they used to show back in the day. A Plain, unabashed message of valuing the self, not as a means to somebody else’s ends, but for the self. Look at the girl with the birthday cake? Do you think she’s worrying about carbs and pleasing […]

Missing the Point

The Iranian President Ahmadinajibajab visited Columbia University yesterday. After taking heaps of criticism for extending the Iranian President the invitation to speak, Columbia University President Lee Bolinger responded by verbally flaming his guest in the opening remarks, accusing him of behaving like a petty dictator, saying his arguments appealed only to the illiterate and the […]

The Simpsons

Much like Muhammad Ali’s final bouts at the end of his career, the Simpsons, now in it’s 19th season, has become pathetic and strictly unwatchable. I say this because I actually witnessed this season’s premier episode last night (watch is a verb I reserve for seeings things that are enjoyable, crimes can only be witnessed). […]

One Time

I remember one time I went down on this chick for so long I sprained my face. I was afraid for a minute it was gonna stay like that forever.


Priest Smashes Wine Bottle Over Old Lady’s Head! Classic!!!

A New Link

DG will solve the world’s ills with Shiner Bock Beer. What better day than a friday to propose such a solution?