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August 2007


It turns out the serial killer that was active in Lansing wasn’t going after regular people, he was mainly targeting prostitutes. This prompted a gigantic discussion on the Lansing State Journal message board regarding prostitution. Predictably there were some who were defending the prostitutes as victims who were “forced” into the profession due to circumstances […]

Head Injury/Psychic Powers

A few months ago Guy in a UNLV Jacket and I watched a Southpark episode where Eric Cartman got a concussion which resulted in his gaining psychic abilities. The show was a spoof on the psychic detective series they show on Court TV and since Cartman was the focal point it came off with predictably […]

In-Group Morality

I’ve recently read a document written by John Harting entitled “Love Thy Neighbor, the Evolution of In-Group Morality”. In this document Mr. Harting argues that the Judeo-Christian ethics expounded in the Old and New Testaments such as love thy neighbor and thou shalt not kill were never intended to be extended to society at large […]

USA Basketball Defeats Mexico

Yesterday I stayed in to watch the USA Men’s Basketball team take on Mexico in the FIBA games. The United States needs to finish at the top of this tournament in order to qualify for the Olympics next year in Beijing. It is with this in mind (and with the recent bronze place finishes by […]

The Touch of Divinity

In Atlanta, church pastor Thomas Weeks III who was recently arrested and charged with assaulting his televangelist wife presented himself before his congregation this past weekend, saying “The Devil made me do it”. Seriously. A grown man, to an audience of adults who were not high or at a comedy club, and “The Devil made me […]

The Mother Theresa: Altruist or Showboater?

I have debated many times and with various people whether pure altruism can really exist among humans. The classic example that people toss at me is the life of Mother Theresa, who dedicated the last couple hundred years of her life ministering to the poorest of the poor and the dying in Calcutta. My standard […]

Resorting to Violins

This lesbian woman I used to work with was attempting to procure a birthday gift for her girlfriend. Knowing that I used to play the trumpet in high school, she asked for my help since her problem was musical in nature. “I can’t help but feeling kind of stupid in asking this,” she began, “but […]


In Lansing, this man’s wife just got fired. Lucky for him he (apparently) already has a girlfriend.

I Hab a Code

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The Above the Influence Commercial Reprisal

I’m not a weed smoker, yet I’m still annoyed by public health campaign commercials such as this one and this one. I decided to make my own version of that commercial and here it is! Thanks to Cosmic Siren for being one of the voices.