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July 2007

New Cartoon

Spongebob & Patrick meet Terrance from the Terrance and Phillip Show.

I Cast You Out

For once an exorcism has worked.  Ding dong, the demon is dead.

Staking a Claim

In the news, four decades after the United States planted its flag on the moon, Russia has announced that it is sending a submarine on a mission to plant a flag at the bottom of the Arctic ocean in order to symbolically stake Russia’s claim to the ocean with all its oil and mineral rights. […]


I was just watching something on TV about Karla Faye Tucker who was sentenced to death in Texas for committing a particular heinous murder back in the day. The program went on to describe how her supporters were trying to get her death sentence commuted because of her conversion to Christianity when she was on […]

The Michael Vick Story

I preface with this: I despise dogfighting and animal cruelty. In effect it is two men using animals as a proxy to fight for them because they don’t have the balls to fight themselves. That is both cowardly and repugnant. That said, I also think that Michael Vick is being judged unfairly by the NFL […]

My Favourite Nightmare

Pull up a chair and get a cup of hot cocoa, this is good. Let me preface by saying that I had the following nightmare about five years ago and it was one of the most vivid dreams of my life. Occasionally I have nightmares that are so visually and accoustically real that they make […]


I had a nightmare that I was still married to Halima and we were getting along. (shudder!)

Speechless. . .

You guys! I just made some shredded beef. . . . . It’s like God busted a nut in your mouth! I’m seriously! Recipe available on request.

Old Song

I feel a long post brewing in the near future, something about philosophy/psychology/politics. In the mean time, check out this song from the past. I’m old enough to remember 10 CC with I’m Not in Love

Two Revolutionary Ideas:

Instead of the shot-put, the Olympics should introduce the cat-put, and; Instead of women needing to have less fat, perhaps they just need more nipples. Stellar!