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May 2007


So I met Jenn which means I had to try to use social skills in real life.  God she’s beautiful and  I got the opportunity to drink beer in yet another spot.  It was great fun for me.  I was pleasantly surprised that she turned out not be a transvestite and I told her as […]


I can’t find my cloak of invisibility.  I put it down and now I can’t see it.  It’s like it just vanished.

Who is John Galt?

I am John Galt.  And if you don’t know then you need to do some reading bitches!


In the news, DELIBERATE ON THIS!!!  Hahaha, man! Worst trial move ever! I wonder what his attorney said to him afterwards. . .

I’m Number Three

While I was joking the other day about becoming one of the most famous third place finishers of all time after I took third place in an 8-ball tournament, last night I took third place in the tournament again.  I can’t seem to crack the top two spots.  If pool players were fast food joints […]

Strip Club

I normally don’t do strip clubs, titty-bars, live nude showgirl bars, or whatever you want to call them but last night was different. I parked myself at a table along with three like-minded individuals with a fist-full of dollars and waited. We had all come together bent on a common cause and we sat around […]


I normally make it a rule not to be attracted to girls who wear socks on their hands but in this case I must make an exception.  I just noticed, after listening to her song “Like You” for the billionth time, that it’s about wanting to die.  Don’t commit suicide Amy Lee, that’s too goth […]


And in the news today, for his final request before execution a convicted killer requested pizza for the homeless. That goes right along with my point that criminality and altruism go hand in hand. As a wise man once said, booyah!

Who’s the Master??

Sho Nuff!  I dreamed I was watching this movie. When I woke up I remembered I just bought the DVD yesterday. Time to watch Bruce Leroy do his thing!


I sauntered into the place with the secret weapon slung over my shoulder. The black case contained my new 18 ounce Lucasi pool cue with a medium tip I had poked to perfection with the pokey thing so that it would hold chalk. The jukebox was blaring Huey Louis’ “Bad to the Bone” (this part […]