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April 2007

Dear Mexicans

Learn English please.  I am seriously.


Her: Uh uh Mike, not again! You do this EVERY time! Every time I come over here to spend time with you, we’re having a good time and I’m all in ready to spend the night and you go to Leroy’s at 9:00. You don’t give a FUCK about what I want. You do this […]

And on the Fifth Day, Man Created God

Voltaire once said “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.” I hereby second that thought with a heartfelt dy-no-mite, for this is born out by modern understanding of the human mind. The human default, in the absence of knowing the cause of something, often falls into assuming some semblance of […]

Woot! Woot!

Since my birthday was on a weekday (yesterday), I decided to celebrate it tonight.  And this today is technically HITLER’S birthday I’ll see if I can’t catch up with him.  Who knows what kind of shennanigans we’ll get into!

teh Government

The government is gay.  I can say this and get away with it because Truth is an absolute defense to a charge of libel.  Do you hear the government denying its gayness? Huh? Have you ever seen it in the company of chicks except as a ruse in order to make it appear straight? The […]

My Thoughts on Imus

Everybody should know this story by now. Not that it’s actually newsworthy but regardless it’s been all over the news. For those of you just emerging from a coma, radio shock jock Imus is in hot water for referring to members of the Rutgers womens basketball team as “nappy headed hos” on his radio show. […]

Liquor Review

Because I’m a big fan of The Russ Martin Show and I like the way the cork sounds when they drink liquor on the air I decided to purchase a bottle of Gentleman Jack, which is a higher quality of Jack Daniels whiskey (barrel filtered twice instead of once like the regular stuff). My first […]

The Root Cause of Homophobia

I would like to begin by stating that my remarks on this subject are a comment on the the sociological and psychological factors at work in homophobia. None of this is to be construed as a judgment against homosexuality itself as I do not regard it as a sin, a crime, or any other type […]

Charles Dickens

This is from his book “David Copperfield”.  I haven’t got to the part where he starts doing magic yet: Miss Murdstone had been looking for us.  She found us here and presented her uncongenial cheek, the little wrinkles in it filled with hair powder, to Dora to be kissed.  Then she took Dora’s arm into […]

English Only Gingrich/How Not to Argue

A CNN story quotes former House Speaker Newt Gingrich as comparing bilingual education to “ghetto talk” and calling for an end to the practice of having American ballots available in different languages. He further states that the American people believe that English should be the official language of the US government and that bilingualism poses […]