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February 2007


I will be disabling comments for two days or so and will be turning them back on thereafter. I don’t apologize for the inconvenience because I’m not sorry. In the meantime enjoy this picture my daughter did:

The Coffee Incident

Some of you may recall that a couple of years ago I called for a Coffee Jihaad in response to this guy in the office who would drink coffee without paying for it in addition to drinking the last cup without making a new pot of coffee. It’s not that he paid and made coffee […]

The Day I Drove to New York City

1993 (give or a take a year) I had met this black chick with really really REALLY big breasts at Michigan State University campus. No, I was not a student, I used to hang out at the Student Union Center with my homie Tyrone. So anyway we met this big breasted chick named Donielle and […]

Religious Speech and Public Schools

A high school teacher in New Jersey is in hot water for telling his students that the Bible is more fact-based than evolution and saying that people who don’t believe Jesus died for their sins belong in hell. He also allegedly told his class that the Bible has been proven to be true and that […]


I want to write a fiction story again. I’ve written two so far but I want to produce something that is marketable. The problem isn’t the writing itself, it’s coming up with a concept that is worthwhile. The writer/philosopher Ayn Rand said she couldn’t stand tragedies because she thought a writer should create the world […]

The Day I Battled it out with Kim

I was going through some of my old stuff and I came across some actual footage of a fight Kim and I had when we were married. I thought this stuff was long gone but since I found it I’m posting it so you all can see what it was like to be married.

Funny Hustle

You know what’s funny? Going to a pool hall you’ve never been to and where no one knows you and just slamming every ball as hard as you can every game. I don’t know where the hustle works itself in but I think it would be funny as hell. As an aside I was playing […]

Scary Dream

Usually when have a really scary dream I wake up and go right back to sleep and then I can’t remember the specifics of it when I wake up later on. Often I then regret that I didn’t force myself to stay awake and write down the dream while it was still fresh in my […]


Forget the American eagle. Maybe we should change our national symbol to a giant vagina, because that’s what’s becoming of our nation. I am in reading in disbelief this morning about some students in New York who are being disciplined for posting a video on youtube showing a hostage situation. No, it’s not a hoax […]

In the Spirit of Angry Times

Today I’m in California. I’m sitting in Northe‘s office when Female Boss comes in and just looks at me. Clearly she was expecting to see Northe and she stares as if expecting that her locked eyeballs are going to produce a spontaneous explanation. Sensing her discomfort I decide to help her along so I begin: […]