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January 2007

My Social Security Plan

Old people:  grind them up into dog food. Any questions?


Live television, President Bush is giving a speech preparing to present the Congressional Medal of Honor (posthumously) to a Corporal Dunham.  In the preliminary remarks he is thanking everyone for being there.  He said “I want to thank the chaplain of the Navy.”  After a pause, he corrected himself saying “Of the Marine Corps.”  He […]

On This Day in History

George Washington Carver was born January 10, 1864.  He would have been 143 today. I was going to write something about how I hate when people copy other people’s styles.  Regarding fighting, Bruce Lee said that to imitate another’s style is to lock ones self into a prison of method.  You can imitate certain techniques, […]

Presidential Run

According to an MSNBC news story Al Sharpton is considering a run for the US Presidency. He is quoted in the article as saying “I don’t hear any reason not to.” Let’s help him out with that one. Al Sharpton, you should not run for President because: You are a race-pimp and we are not […]

Mein Youtube

This one took me like an hour.

Humor Explained

Warning:  attempts to explain the inner workings of humor always comes out unfunny, kind of like taking apart a beautiful woman’s face to examine the basis of beauty.  This post will be no exception.  I’m not writing this for any particlar audience so if I lose you part way through due to boredom so be it.  […]


A man jumps into the subway tunnel and rescues a stranger who had fallen onto the tracks.  Actually the story is a little more than that.  With the subway fast approaching this guy pinned the fallen guy down while the subway passed directy over them, missed them by a few inches.  Yes this guy is […]

My New Youtube Submission

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