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January 2007

Backcourt Violation

It seems that ABC News has teamed up with the Department of Immigration in an attempt to set up a joke for me.  According to a news story, a Mexican national has been granted asylum in the US on the grounds that he would face persecution in Mexico due to the fact that he is […]

Presidential Candidates and Drug Use

The question of past drug use has come up in the campaign of Barack Hussein Tojo Mussolini Castro Obama (I hope I got that right). First of all, I think a Presidential candidate’s past drug use should be a non-issue. I’ve stated this before when the candidate in question was a Republican (George Dubya Bush) […]


I remember the commercials they used to have on TV when I was a kid. When I was about nine I started watching NFL games religiously and during football season every day that wasn’t football day was a pure torture of waiting. Then on Sunday I’d sit transfixed before our black and white television to […]

Pool Game Stabbing

No this is not about how I followed up my week two table runs with ANOTHER table run the following week. This post is about a pool game that ended up in an actual stabbing. I take you now to San Antonio (squiggly view fadeout to the next scene). Ok the above linked news story […]

I Must Remember to Use this One

Cough! cough! I’m sorry, I can’t come to work today. I have foreign accent syndrome. (hang up):  Sweet!

Flame War

I made a Jesus video a while back on Youtube. Some unfortunate person took offense to it and started cussing me out and telling me to remove it in the comments. A debate ensued and this person responded to my invoking freedom of speech by saying that are LIMITS to free speech. I responded as […]

Unhuman Nature

Human nature opposes the drive toward uniformity. Aldous Huxley, in “A Brave New World Revisited”, stated that human beings are more like wolves than like ants or termites. We identify our place in human relations by setting ourselves apart moreso than by blending in. Witness the high school lunchrooms where students sit according to groups: […]

The Harvard Religion Debate

Finally a subject of some substance. There is currently some debate going on at Harvard regarding the proposed doing away with the requirement that students take core religion classes. This is not an endorsement of a particular religion or that the students must be theists, it is simply designed to ensure that Harvard graduates have […]

Cancer Research Initiative

I have decided to dedicate the next few months to private cancer research. Anyone who would like to help is encouraged to send me some money to assist in my endeavors as I think this could be some very useful work. Because once I learn how to give people cancer there will be no stopping […]


Friday night I didn’t go out and shoot pool. I stayed home and this chick I went to high school with came over. I didn’t know what exactly the deal was because she e-mailed me and said it would be good to hang out and talk for a while. This led me to believe that […]