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December 2006

Dead Precedents

An activist federal judge has ruled that American money violates the law in regard to disabled people and has ordered the United States government to change its paper currency so that blind people can tell different denominations of bills apart. Some suggestions for changing paper money include embossing different denominations, punching holes in them, and […]

This Counts as a Christmas Card

    This is the work of my daughter.  She said I could Christmas you all with it. 

A New Hope

Here is one protest that took guts. If I had a hat it would be off to these people.  You can bet the emperor is going to go after this band of rebels.  I wish them the best.

Go Ahead, Pay My Way

My son looks out the window and says “Dad, two men at the door.”  I open the door and there are two guys bearing pamphlets from the Lutheran Church. “Hello, we’re from (such-and-such) church and we wanted to give you-” He reaches his hand in where I have the screen door barely cracked and tries […]

My Letter to Friend of the Court

Here is a copy of my most recent correspondence with FOC (identifying information blotted out).

Human Nature

The English philosopher John Locke held that, absent corrupting influences, human beings are inherently good and as such our ideal state is freedom where people will naturally choose actions which are morally right. Thomas Jefferson borrowed heavily from this line of thinking and from this sprang the great Western ideals of freedom, limited government and […]

Men = Bad

Phelps just hipped me to this. Apparently Michigan law wasn’t anti-man enough yet. Not only do men have no legal say if we get a woman pregnant and she wants to have an abortion against our wishes, and not only can we get hit with child support if we WANT them to have an abortion […]


I hate when I’m watching a movie with some jackass who’s seen the movie before and feels the need to tell me what’s about to happen next. What, is your life so pathetic that the only bit of self esteem you can muster is omniscient feeling you get by pre-narrating the scenes for me??? It […]

Homeless Hero

In the news a homeless New Mexico man saved a little girl’s life by helping to lift a Cadillac off of her after she was run over. This man was drinking in an alley along with a bunch of other transients when the accident happened and the bums immediately moved in to help. The news […]