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December 2006


Saddam hanged (graphic)

911 Conspiracy

This is a must-see!


Volunteers are lining up by the hundreds in Iraq for the chance to hang deposed Iraqi dictator Sadaam Hussein. Hang motherfucker! Not so much for all the Shi’ites and dissidents, both religious and political, that you killed during your reign. Not for the fact that you allowed raping and murdering sprees by your son Uday. […]


In the news this week former President Gerald Ford had died. This is quite embarassing for me because until this story broke I had not been aware that he was still alive. I really need to brush up on current events. In other news the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, is also dead. I could […]


Girl doing the splits. Merry Christmas!

Evil Leave

I had an almost table run last night. I say “almost” because nothing went in when I broke but on my next turn at the table I ran all of my balls and the 8 without missing a shot. It was one of those nights that was just my night. The Mexicans I beat were […]

The Day the School Tried to Pimp Me Out So I Could Go to Winter Camp

Winter of 1981 The day broke cold and grey. . . Exceedingly cold and grey. Wait, wrong story. So I’m like in the sixth grade and the school is having this one week long winter camp thing. The cost is godawful high, somewhere between $30 and $45, way out of league for my impoverished family […]

Response to “R”

“R” didn’t like my talent post yesterday. Specifically he commented that my voice didn’t sound like he thought it would so I came up with this. I hope this is better to your liking.  😀


I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. I’m using my vacation to become the greatest song writer ever! It’s can’t miss, check it out!


I have a week off (too much time accumulated, use it or lose it) and I have the inclination to start writing a novel. I haven’t done any real writing in about 8 years (I got to the climactic scene of my last novel and I still don’t know how to end it) but I […]