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September 2006

Michigan Democrats Hate Chinese People

Michigan’s race for governor is currently featuring ads by the Democratic Party accusing Dick Devo of sending American jobs to China. The irony, of course, is that in doing so the Democrats are tapping into the moronic idea of economic protectionism that caused China to build The Great Wall which ultimately left them economically and […]

Join My Cult!

I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now and it’s high time I started a cult.  For the one time annual fee of $45, you can join Teh Mexigogue Cult.  Benefits of joining this group will get you A New Life where you will benefit from my expounding of such secret ancient wisdoms such […]

Hurricainical Response

Well.  Somebody named “student” (from George Washington University, District of Columbia) replied to my post on “When the Levees Broke” and it would seem they disagree with my viewpoint.  I want to address their comments but since it was such a long comment I thought I’d post it here instead of in the comments section.  […]

When the Levees Broke

I watched about half of Spike Lee’s “When the Levees Broke” on HBO. The display of the power of nature was awesome. The behavior of the people who chose to stay to participate in the hurricaine was less than inspiring. First of all everybody who stayed to enjoy the hurricaine was overweight. Now I know […]


People have taken exception to the fact that I refer to the Beaner’s on Allegan as “Dead Beaner’s Guy Store”, as the dude who who managed it died about a month back. I call it that to distinguish it from the Beaner’s two blocks away on Ottawa, which I now refer to as “Live Beaner’s […]

Civics Lesson

The music group Prussian Blue from Bakersfield California has raised eyebrows in recent times because the Gaede family’s group features twin 13 year old girls singing songs based in white superemacy. Most people find their views abhorrent, such as their song “Sacrifice” which allegedly extols the greatness of Adolf Hitler, but most people rightly blame […]

The Trial of John Peter Zenger

I’m reading Alan Dershowitz’s “America on Trial.” This book is a review of some of the most influental court decisions in American history which formed the basis for American jurisprudence. One of these is the trial of John Peter Zenger, who in 1735 was accused of libel by the governor of New York for publishing […]


This exchange transpired today: Daughter:  Why do some people say it’s just a game? Mexi:  Because those are non-competitive people.  And non-competitive people have a place in society too.  It’s at the bottom. I really didn’t intend to finish like that.  It just came out.


I prefer reading the local news from Houston rather than reading about what’s going in my home state. There always seems to be better stuff going on in Texas, maybe because Texans, known for doing things bigger, are always doing the good things better and the bad stuff worser. Today I’m reading an article about […]