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September 2006

KRS1 Concert

I got a call from Bernard yesterday: “You still going with me to that concert?” “Oh shit, that’s tonight?” I’ve always been a fan of music but In my 36 years of living on this planet I had never been to a concert of any kind.  This is almost beyond belief because the Breslin Center […]


This is a true story.  I woke up at about five o’clock in the morning the other day and I could not go back to sleep.  The question that was confounding me and would not let me rest was this:  are the Berenstain Bears Jewish? Berenstain. . .  Berenstein. . .  Is it possible they might […]

The Day Carol Tried to Drive the Car with The Club on it

September 1996 Carol and I have split up.  I have gone back to be roommates with Guy in the UNLV Jacket and she has went to live at an undisclosed location with some New Dude.  The split is almost amicable and she has described it as “time apart” although I tell her that this is […]

Comic Book Dialogue

My kids came over this weekend. They say their mom is coming over to take my daughter to church on Sunday and if she doesn’t go to church that she’ll be grounded. Now anybody who is aware of my situation will know that when my kids’ mom and I were on good terms I used […]

Hugo Chavez

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has made the news again. This time he made a speech at the United Nations where he characterized President Bush as the devil and said that the podium where the American President had spoken the day before still smelled of sulfer. He then made the sign of the cross and then […]

Self Deception Bias

My homie Bernard has a pool table in his basement. Sometimes, instead of spending buku money to drink and shoot pool at the bar, we’ll just get some beer and liquor and shoot pool at his house. The same opponent competition was getting kind of old so Bernard started inviting his friend Danno over to […]

Sometimes It’s Not About the Archduke Ferdinand

When historians discuss the genesis of World War I, they recount the assasination of the Archduke Ferdinand which precipitated Austria’s declaration of war on Serbia. This set off a domino effect of mutual defense obligations in Europe which of course was the imprimateur of the Great War. It would be a mistake, however, so say […]

In the Spirit of Competition

In Pompano Beach Florida Black church ministers preach against ‘Evil’ New Mosque. This story is telling because it doesn’t just say local ministers, it goes out of the way to identify the race. Perhaps this is to distinguish it from white minister anti-Islam which may be construed as anti ethnic minority, or maybe the press […]


As I was reading “The Ashes of Waco”, which recounts the demise of the Branch Davidians at the hands of the federal government, a bunch of things occured to me. One, never attack a messianic cult, it only encourages them. Two, it is disingenuous to start a firefight with a hitherto peaceful heavily armed group […]

Sameness, Coffee, and Autism

I walk into the local Beaner’s coffee shop this morning and get in line. There is only one person in front of me and she’s interacting with the cashier. One of the coffee girls sees me and, without a word, grabs two of the largest cups and begins making a redeye (coffee with shots of […]