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August 2006

Bad Decisions

When fighting erupted between Israel and Lebanon it was my view that, rather than send Condi in to broker an immediate cease fire, we should let them fight. My reasoning was that I don’t like war and, for that reason, those involved should be allowed to engage in fighting until they could both taste the […]


Ooh, nice hairstyle. If I knew her I would sneak up on her with a rolled up newspaper: don’t move, I can kill it! When I was in high school I remember trying to figure out what electives I would take. Typing and band were foregone conclusions (I must have had a vague idea about […]


I hate poems. I find them pompous, flowery, dripping with emotion, and utterly unreadable. That’s why I find it strange that I’ve written about four poems in my life (I don’t count the haikus I’ve written, haiku is the far east equivalent of a limerick, yeah that’s right Asians, I said it!) Here is one […]

An Afternoon, a Fist, and Valentina

I finally had the opportunity to meet Valentina from the INTJ lists yesterday. I had some bidness to attend to in Detroit so we made arrangements to meet up at the noon hour. I was going to be in the area of the Coleman Young Municipal Center so I said “Isn’t there a statue of […]

Weather, 9-ball, and Jesse Jackson

Rain is ignorant. So is lightning. Three quarters of the lights just went out on my floor after one particularly loud bolt from the heavens. My computer is still going but what I’m really worried about is how I’m going to get my mid-day burrito without getting wet. I might have to wait until the […]

Jones Lee

The George Washington video (linked in yesterday’s comments) reminded me of a story my son wrote which we put on a website some years ago. The character’s name is Jones Lee. He is an Italian kung fu fighter from Mississippi (don’t ask, I don’t even begin to know why). Anyway we made it into comic […]

Return of the King

Click here for the Ultimate Battle.


The eighth of a mile strip ranging from Walnut to Princeton on West Saginaw in Lansing has more stranded people per capita than any other place in the industrialized world. This guy stopped me the other day. “Hey man, can you help me out, I’m from Detroit and I’m stranded. Anything, a dollar or two?” […]

Get Up My Ire

Now I’m reading “Ethnic America” by Thomas Sowell. He discusses violence between the Irish and other ethnic groups in the late 19th century and early 20th: The usual difficulties of determining the initiator of hostilities are not so great in some of these instances. Some of the groups with whom the Irish had numerous clashes […]

Checks and Balances

A federal judge has ruled that the NSA eavesdropping program is unconstitutional as it violates free speech and privacy. Good. The problem with the President’s contention that this is an emergency program that is necessary to fight the war on terror is that the war on terror will never have a fixed end. An infringement […]