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July 2006

I Was Inspired

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Something I posted to an online list: By the way I was kidding when I called myself a genius for using pretending to laugh at handicapped children as a diversion away from the real topic. I was being facetious. I think most of the people here got that. I don’t actually consider myself a genius […]


Suddenly the blog is getting like three times as many hits as it normally does. I don’t know what the cause is but I figure I better write something. Here goes: Occasionally something funny will occur to me when I’m just thinking. I am therefore prone to suddenly bursting out into laughter with no apparant […]


Alcoholics piss me off. By that I don’t mean people who drink, I mean people who become gigantic losers and then they blame their losery-ness on alcohol as if that’s going to detract from everybody else’s truth perception which tells us that it’s not the alcohol that makes the person into a loser, it’s their […]