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July 2006

The Blank Slate

I’m reading “The Blank Slate” by Steven Pinker. This guy is a professor of psychology at MIT and he wrote the book in order to refute the idea that should be obselete by now, but that some people still hold on to, that each person’s brain is like a blank slate and we need only […]

Monogamy Runs Afoul of Human Nature

Like Itchy running afoul of an Irishman, the monogamy ideal is in contravention of human nature. This is not just a guy talking smack in order to justify “the game”, this is an empirical and demonstrable fact based in biology and psychological grounds. Let me begin by asserting that the monogamy ideal in general and […]

Like an N Word from Texas

Back in the 1990s I had this Marvin Gaye tape playing and I was singing along to his “You’re All I Need to Get By” duet with Diana Ross. I got to one part and Natalai stopped me. “Wait, what did he just say right there? What’s the line?” I was kind of surprised but […]

Behavioral Psychology

Behavioral psychology, that’s my new thing. I like reading about studies they do to try and figure out why people do the things they do, how the mind works, what differences and commonalities there are in the thought processes of different individuals. It has been my hypothesis that personality is so closely related to differences […]

Inherent Personality Traits

Here is an article that says that introverts and extraverts have quantifiable differences in the locus of brainwave activity. The long and short of it is that this supports the idea that personality traits are largely not voluntarily chosen but are are inherent and, in the case of introversion/extraversion, the differences are even observable in […]

Rational Versus Irrational Selfishness

My daughter said to me “The pastor was teaching us altruism.  He told us that before we do something we shouldn’t think about how it will benefit us, we should think about benefiting others.  I don’t believe in that.” “Right” says I. “The operating premise behind that is that everyone on the planet is worthy […]

Huh huh!

I’m a scientist. Check this out!


The Mexijew has tagged me for a meme.  First a word about who he is and how I came to be associated with him.  When I first decided to attempt blogging I was known as Meximuslim@aol.com.  I was curious at the time if there was such a thing as a Mexijew.  I googled it and […]

The Mexigogue as a Front?

1980:  You didn’t really draw that picture of Batman.  You might have traced it.  Who really drew it? 1988:  Your ASVAB scores were too good.  I hate to ask you this but did you cheat? 1994:  Nice editorial in the Lansing State Journal.  Who helped you with it? 2006:  “This sounds just like you submitting […]

Conspiracy Theories

Citizen Quasar has stated that he thinks 25,000 Americans are being deliberately abandoned by the US government so bad things can happen to them which will be a pretext for greater US involvement in the region. Phelps has argued that this is not the case. Similar claims have been made by others about the US […]