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June 2006

Pool and Strippers

I sank the 8-ball on a break yesterday, but that was only in the backdrop of what was going on at the bar last night. The most attention-grabbing thing was the two strippers who were shooting pool at the corner table. We knew they were strippers because they were talking about (of all things) the […]

In teh Beginning. . .

I was watching a show on the History channel yesterday called “Who Wrote the Bible?”.  They were discussing the idea that some people believe that not only did God give Moses the commandments but that He also gave Moses the Hebrew alphabet itself and that for this reason this writing form is supposed to be the […]

It’s a Wonderful World/Chicken

I’m grateful that 10 chickens stepped up and made that ultimate sacrifice so that I could cook their wings on the grill outside and then slather them with hot sauce. Chickens, if you’re listening, my children thank you too!


Click HERE to see the notes I took at yesterday’s meeting. When you get there keep scrolling down.


The only thing worse than Miami losing to the Pistons yesterday is that I actually have to go to Detroit for work today. So it’s all work, no checking the blog, no getting a hummer from a trannie. Not even getting a hummer from a trainee. Oh yeah, everybody say hi to Layla. Hopefully she […]