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May 2006

Crazy Talk

Yesterday while I was waiting for the Cleveland Cavaliers game I was watching The Forgotten. It is a psychological thriller that begins with a woman who is being treated by a mental health professional because she insists that she and her husband had a child who died in a plane crash and that all evidence […]

New Orleans Mayor Special Interest Groups


Why I Hate Boycotts

I will begin with the main reason that I have always hated boycotts: the main concept is to forgo something you normally like in order to punish someone else. Case in point back when I first met Halima (my most recent ex-wife) she mentioned something about the fact that she would not buy grapes because […]

New Strategy

In the news New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin has now announced a new hurricaine strategy:  Get Out of Town.  You dumb motherfucker, it only took you eight months to come to that conclusion? New Orleans residents the runoff election for mayor is this month.  PLEASE FIRE THIS MAN!!! GODDAMIT!!!!

Mexi Called the Doctor and the Doctor Said:

Sorry for posting so late today. No Phelps, I wasn’t doing the “Take a Mexican Day Off”, I just couldn’t think of what to blog until now. I finally have it: Tomorrow I am scheduled for a doctor visit. And what is the reason this is significant? Why it is because (excluding two emergency room […]