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May 2006

Love and Sacrifice

This post is meant to tie up some loose ends I left in yesterday’s “No Morality Conflicts” post I wrote up in like five minutes flat as I was getting ready to go to an all day conference. I’m going to broach the idea again, this time from a different angle. Once I was seeing […]

Moral Conflicts

There should be no moral conflicts within a person. Which is to say that you should not have morals (values) that conflict with your other values. For example if your child grows up and tells you that he/she is gay and you disown them because you think that religiously that is the right thing to […]

Biblical Revisionism

Today we’re going to talk about a part of the Bible we usually don’t hear too much about. It’s the part where the prophet Lot is alleged to have fathered two children by his own daughters. Since this story involves acts of incest by a prophet you can kind of understand why they usually just […]

Age and the Wise

Being raised in Mexican culture I was brought up to always respect my elders. This meant being deferential to older people on pretty much all subjects (excepting the obvious molesting-type situations of course) so I’ve always viewed the signs of grey hair and crows feet at the edges of eyes as the symbols of some […]

Stupid Ex Wife Story

UNLV says he wants to hear a stupid ex-wife story. Well I’ve got a brand new one. Back in November I posted about some threats my ex-wife Kim was making against me. Since then I knew that she was going to come after me in some shape or form but I didn’t know how. Since […]

Celebrities and Free Speech

In the news today it seems that Tom Cruise’s Popularity has taken a dive as of late, due in no small part to the actor’s weird couch jumping antics and his his vocal championing of his cult’s stance against the psychiatric establishment. The effect has shown with less than stellar results of his latest movie […]


Sometimes people pontificate on the possibility that God is a female and what implications that would have for reality. I was browsing through the news today when the thought struck me, what if God is Black? Would that mean that, instead of yelling at the movie screen (as His mortal counterparts are wont to do), […]

The Stone Age

To primitive man the world must have appeared, not as a land of opportunity, but a universe which was capricious, evil, where disasters without cause loomed around every corner. Before the science of predicting weather patterns, the sporadic droughts, floods, and earthquakes that assailed man must have seemed like the anger of a supernatural diety […]

A Good Weekend

The Miami Heat won their series against the Chicago Bulls, the Phoenix Suns defeated the Los Angeles Sex Forcers, Oscar Delahoya pummeled Ricardo Mayorga (round 6 TKO), Nice Rack gave me my belated birthday hug, and her friend twisted my nipple in a vain attempt to extort information from me (vain because she was questioning […]

The Irrational as God

From the time we are born we are indoctrinated by our parents or other caregivers into a worldview of right and wrong. As children even as we are learning the motor skills required to cope in the physical world we are also instructed in the abstract good and bad, what we later come to recognize […]