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April 2006


GETTING THE CHURCH IN THIS IS A MUST SEE!!!  I was made aware of this thanks to The Russ Martin Show. There are no words I can use to describe it.  You have to see for yourself.

Last Summer (in Texas)

Me with my family of Mexicans.  Doin’ it old skool Mexican house decor style, scary crucifix, mounted deer head and all! Good times.


We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you this news bulletin:  You guys are never gonna believe this.  I am seriously! My ex-wife Carol got mad because I referred to God as her Imaginary Friend so she sicced both Friend of the Court and Child Protective Services on me accusing me of various things.  […]

My Scary Teachings

This is the first of what will probably be a billion part series detailing the things I have taught my children which has incurred the wrath of their mom and her church. This battle of ideas was completely unnecessary and began only when my ex began telling my children that daddy is going to hell […]

Weekend, Pizza, pi, Silent Hill, and The Godfather

This weekend I offered to take my 10 and 13 year olds to go see Silent Hill. My son doesn’t like horror flicks to I bought him a DVD that he wanted. My daughter and I then went to the theater and watched Silent Hill on its opening night. The movie was nothing to jump […]

The Neo Nazis are Coming to Town

A Neo-Nazi rally will take place in front of the Capitol Building in Lansing on Saturday as planned. The Circuit Court denied the group’s request to issue a restraining order to forbid the government from constructing a a six foot high fence to separate the demonstrators from counter protestors. I can only presume that they […]


I’m helping someone do a rewrite of an assignment they are doing for some business or advertising class or something.  The first draft was ok but a little vague on the details of the offer so I was called in to advise.  After a tweak here and there of the original this is what we […]

Food of the Gods

People love me so they have brought food in to-day in order to celebrate the happying to my birf. We have meatballs, cheese, crackers, scrimps, and assorted sweets. Not to mention (wait, I’m mentioning it) that I got a Beaners card for I can comprar some coffee. My lifelong goal to start a Mexigogue cult […]


This weekend I watched How Cubans Really Are:  a Documentary.  It was a very good and informative piece and it totally jibed with the experiences I have had with the Cuban people. I recommend this film to enhance your cultural competence (which is, of course,  a must in today’s world). Yesterday I made my mid-day […]


I finally got a chance to watch the movie “Dogma” this weekend.  It was even better than I expected. For those who have not seen it, the story is about a woman in contemporary times who is tasked by God (through one of His angels) with preventing two renegade angels from re-entering Heaven.  These angels […]