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December 2005

Viva Something Or Other

In the news today Saddam’s defense team walks out of court in a dispute regarding the legitimacy of the Iraqi tribunal. That’s not the most salient point though. The thing that got me is that on the way out of the courtroom the former Iraqi dictator was said to have shouted “Long live Iraq!” Always […]

The Bad Guy

Something happened yesterday that made me think about what it was like to be married. I’ve been there three times and never did it work. In fact each time it was like a reel of gaffes, each episode funnier than the first, that’s how bad it was. I have concluded that I am simply not […]

The Hustler

I’ve often remarked when shooting pool with the regulars after some phenomenal shot that we ought to have these games on tape. “Can you image”, I would say, “after a month or two of just shooting around the collection of outstanding shots we would have? We could make a movie using only the best shots, […]