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November 2005

Fuck New Orleans!!!

This news situation was brought to my attention by the Jenius. I’ve been out of the loop and hadn’t realized that the Mayor of New Orleans had made a statement saying they need to make sure New Orleans isn’t overrun by Mexican workers. I’ve got one statement for you: FUCK YOU and your dirty crime […]

The HIV/AIDS Conference

I attended the annual HIV/AIDS Conference in Ypsilanti this week and it leaves a longer story to tell than usual. Attending this conference is part of my job but my great motive was getting to hang out and shoot pool with the girl from watchacall health department (I’m being vague on her information at her […]


Getting ready to head out to faraway and exotic Ypsilanti today. I was going to call the girl I’m supposed to be hooking up with to play pool but I realized I don’t have her cell number anymore. See, people call me, I e-mail them back. That’s how it always goes. So I forgot where […]


Tomorrow I go to the annual HIV/AIDS-STD Conference in Ypsilanti. I get to finally play pool against this girl from one of the health departments who I met at a work related function. She says she’s going to beat me. I say she’s not. My cue stick is on the line. I will emerge victorious […]