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November 2005


I deleted the links for Adrian (Off My blog) and the “D” (Angry Black Man) because they seemed to drop off the blogosphere. This is not punitive (clarifying this because I don’t want the “D” to beat me up), I just want when people click on the links that they should find new stuff from […]

The Treehouse Gang

My Town

Lansing Michigan: Most notably known as the capitol of Michigan, GM town, Michigan State University, the hometown of Earvin “Magic” Johnson (huh huh, I said “Johnson”). . . Also the childhood home of Malcolm Little, also known as Malcolm X. This picture here reperesents an overcast dreary day which is why I love this place […]

The Grim Rapist

Cosmic Siren has some good posts about the business of death and dying. No she’s not suicidal, it’s part of a class she’s taking. I have to remember to take a picture of me clutching my chest with my eyes bugging out in case I die of a heart attack so that can be used […]

Beating Kids

I had an argument with my ex wife this weekend. For the sake of her anonymity I will call her “Kym”. Wait, if I spell it like that I don’t have to put Kim’s names in quotes. Oops I just said it. Fuck it I’ll just call her my ex. Anyway I called her on […]


The wind is stupid. (mostly cloudy, winds gusting to 48 mph)


Celebrating Veternarian’s Day by drinking beer and playing America’s Army. See you at the pot tonight I hope Nice Rack!! Everybody drink up!

Conference Flashback

Last week when I was at the conference I was attending a workshop where they were discussing sexuality and race demographics. The speaker was a black male PhD: “The black male sexual identification” he said “Is based on having multiple sex partners, fathering a lot of children, and not wearing protection.” Holy shit, says I, […]

In the News!

My last post made Jenn’s head hurt so something a little more basic this time. The next is a must read news article from UNLV’s neck of the woods. The story tells about how running away is a good idea that can only lead to nifty adventures!!!

Social Contract Theory

I misspoke to an extent yesterday when I said that social contract theory was stupid. What I should have said is that the version of social contract theory espoused by Thomas Hobbes was dumb. I didn’t realize yesterday that there is a competing theory of the social contract which was put forth by John Locke. […]