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November 2005

Bad Morning

I’m not in a good mood. I’m filling in for someone else so I’m away from my desk for the third day in a row. Then I took the elevator to go down from the 10th floor. Instead of hitting the “lobby” button I accidently hit the “detach cable” button so my elevator did a […]

The Boys of Point Du Hoc

Reagan speech commemorating 2nd Battalion Army Rangers who scaled the cliffs at Point Du Hoc on D-Day suffering 70% casualties. He continues by calling out the Soviets for being campers in East Europe and he calls them n00bs. This was a great speech.

Ethical Beginnings

I often assert that I am against initiating the use of force but I have never given a full explanation. It’s not that I’m into hippie peace and love (I don’t care much for other people one way or the other with the exception of certain people I meet). Neither am I a pacifist. While […]


I have not blogged proper the last few days because I’m going through a situation with my oldest son’s mother. The issue that has come between us is has come to an impasse and she has responded with threats against me. I don’t respond to ultimatums. I will not change my principles with the promise […]


The stupid people have us outnumbered.




Sunday I was making tacos. It’s the only thing I can get my daughter to eat before her mother picks her up so I’m hooking it up, ground beef, diced onions, four cloves of minced garlic, stewed tomatoes, heaps of chili pepper, sea salt, side of vegetarian refried beans and white Mexican grating cheese. The […]

Heh heh!

I don’t even know this guy‘s name but I had to have him throw horns for the blog. He’s not an exact double for HMT but he’ll do in a pinch if he ever needs a stunt double in order to fake his own death. And who doesn’t need that every so often? I know […]

Summer 1997

UNLV and Mexigogue returning from shooting hoops at the park, tired, dying for Gatorade. UNLV makes turn down residential street and some little kid, four years old maybe, is trying and failing to balance atop his bike with training wheels (or tricycle?) in front yard. He wobbles then falls down with his bike in a […]

Can’t Say Homeless Without Saying Ho

Due to the multitude of protests at the state capitol I’ve brought my camera in to work hoping to score some blog material. The idea paid off today as the Volunteers of America has set up an Exhibit on Homelessness. I went out and took pictures just as they were setting up, I’m sure the […]