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October 2005

Sweetest Day BAH!

I saw a sign today at a floral shop advertising Sweetest Day cards and gifts. Yeah right! Anything to separate me from my hard-earned cash right Mr. Hallmark? I don’t celebrate days and I don’t give cards, flowers, and other gifts. Well I did once but that’s it. It was 1991 and had just met […]

Clan War!!!

I said clan, not Klan. Settle down! Yesterday when I logged on to America’s Army some of the other guys from my clan, The Angels of Death (AoD), were being challanged to a scrimmage by another clan. They agreed to the match and asked me if I was in. Normally I decline when it comes […]

Cats on Fire

When I was in the sixth grade I was called in to see the school counselor because I had been drawing pictures of cats on fire. These were always funny for me because you take something cute and cuddly and then draw it on fire and, well the funny is self-explanatory. The teacher, however, was […]

The Weekend

I saw the Devil Incarnate the other night so I sent over a white zin just to be sarcastic. The price of sarcasm these days is $3.50. What a bargain for me! The Michigan Wolverines fucked around and won yesterday because they kept running these homosexual pass routes. It’s just a game anyway. Bastards. The […]