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October 2005

Who Are You???

Change of pace. Rather than you all sitting back and getting entertained by me and the treehouse gang, now it’s time for you lurkers to entertain the rest of us by letting us know who you are and telling us a little bit about yourself. I check the sitemeter all the time and many of […]


A week ago I was just leaving Auggie’s bar when one of my friends stopped me on my way out. “Hey that girl who’s sitting at that table over there has been trying to get your attention. She’s been trying to hook up with you for the past few weeks.” I look over and a […]

Sweet Lou

They’re televising the Million More March on Washington on C-SPAN today. Louis Farrakhan is set to speak at 2:30 p.m. Eastern time. I have to watch it to see what type of nonsense he comes out with. He was quoted a few weeks ago claiming that white people blew up the levees in New Orleans […]

Russ Martin Soundbite

Dallas radio personality Russ Martin on the air with Jesse Peterson, a black reverend from the Brotherhood Organization for a New Destiny (BOND). Mr. Peterson is a vocal critic of Jesse Jackson and his race pimping ideology: Russ: My biggest thing with Jesse Jackson is there’s a lot of stuff that he does that you […]


I’m adding Angry Time to my links because it makes me laugh. I decided to stop with the flashbacks while I’m still ahead. I can’t tell the Carol breakup story because it’s too awful and it got really stupid. The funny part was when I stole my car back from her (it was in my […]

Encore (The Carol Story)

I was going to be done reminiscing after that last installment but two people have asked me to tell the Carol story so here it is in one piece. I didn’t realize there was a story but when I thought about it there is. September 1991 I’ve been separated from Kim for half a year […]


This is the unexciting conclusion of a four part series relating my experiences in the Camp Pendleton Base Brig. December, 1989 I was to go home right before Christmas. My release from the Camp Pendleton Base Brig culminated in a week of exit processing while I waited to be discharged. My time on the base […]

Camp Pendleton Base Brig

This is the third part of a continuing series. October, 1989 The military chasers had not only handcuffed me but also had the cuffs looped through a leather waistbelt they had put on me so my hands were immobilized in front of me. At the Capital City Airport they checked in with the airline that […]

Arrested!!! (continued)

This is a continuation of yesterday’s blog entry which relay the events of October 1989. Some of the genders of my sex parters may have been changed so that I won’t look fruity. Just kidding. I didn’t have any sex partners in jail. October 15, 1989 For two full days I didn’t tell the cops […]


Friday the Thirteenth, October 1989: I’ve been AWOL from the Marine Corps for six months now working as a grocery store bagger in my hometown of Lansing Michigan. It’s about 2:00 a.m. and I’m wandering the streets of Lansing with nowhere to go. I’ve just gotten into a huge argument with my wife Kim because […]