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October 2005


What a great weekend. I hung out with Monique. As many of you may already know up until recently I thought that she was not speaking to me forever until the end of time but on Friday we came up with an agreement which would patch things up between us so that things could be […]

Friday Musings

Yeah ok so WNBA All-Star Cheryl Swoopes holds a press conference announcing she’s a lesbian and the press eats it up. But I’m all about verifying my facts so I don’t buy it just yet. SHOW AND PROVE IT (ideally in some scenario involving tennis phenom Maria Sharapova who is not lesbian but who I’m […]

The Tube

Our office, which hitherto had existed in a leased office in Okemos, now resides in downtown Lansing on the 9th and 10th floors of X building. The other day I got a call from one of my co-workers on the other floor asking for interoffice envelopes. I told her I had some and I said […]

A CNN video regarding black on Hispanic attacks in Georgia asks whether these are hate crimes. You can view the report by going to this page and looking for the free video clip are in the middle of the page. The long and short of it is Hispanics in migrant communities have been targeted by […]

New Digs

My office moved and I’m finally done unpacking in my brand new space. I brought all the stuff to make this spot uniquely mine. Kung fu picture I drew on 8-23-01 taped to the wall? Check: Big bosom sword chick drawing put up as well? Check. Ariela the Warrior Nun action figure complete with claw, […]

The Big Lebowski

This grabbed my attention. A sheriff’s deputy in Chino California is on trial for allegedly drawing a firearm on a group of golfers that were ahead of him and playing too slow. Man that reminded me of John Goodman pulling a piece on this other guy in The Big Lebowski over a rules dispute during […]



I’m Down

Today is the day of the office move. All our gear is packed and ready to go. Now I have to unhook the keyboard and mouse so I’ll be away from blogging til I don’t know because my kids monopolize the home computer on the weekend. Don’t you b7tches use this opportunity to be calling […]

Tiny House, Itty-Bitty Restaurant

At the request of Linny here is a religious post: Goddamit, I accidently wore my shirt on inside out to work today. That makes twice in the past six months. In the news some Katrina refugee won $25,000 on an Oklahoma scratch off ticket. That’s not the good part though. The good part is the […]


I’m having a bad day. I took the morning off to recover from going to see my daughter’s choir concert. Then when I get to work I find that the motherf*cking computer people came and took all our surplus computers on the only half day I wasn’t here. I was supposed to ask them to […]