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September 2005

And on the Seventh Day He Made Football

I’ve never liked the Lions and I’ve never really liked the Bears either, but with a taco dinner on the line between UNLV and HMT I’ve got to watch this one. On a side note I’ll look to see if the NFL game as I know it is really getting ruined by an overabundance of […]

Total Pwnage

MSU 44 Notre Dame 41 That’s five straight MSU victories in Notre Dame stadium. Fighting Irish, WE OWN YOU!!! (I say we as if I’m actually on the field but I did enough screaming at the TV to have earned the right) p.s. See Dave what happens when South Bend runs into a real football […]


I was just going through some of my old e-mails and I realized I was one emotionally fucked up dude back in 2001. When my witch wife left and took the kids that year I was rudderless. My whole role was gone and I didn’t know how to react. That was back when I used […]


I fuckin FROZE MY A$$ OFF THIS MORNING!! I was wondering what the hell the deal was then I saw the temperature listed outside a bank. Fifty-one degrees! Why did I not have a jacket on?? Man the federal government really dropped the ball on this one! Where was the response? The warnings? The aid? […]

Coming Out of Retirement

I’ve always said I wasn’t going to have any more kids but I’ve changed my mind. I’m gonna have TWO MORE kids and I’m gonna name them PAUL and NICHOLE! I’m gonna make them live in cages and I’m gonna KICK THEM DOWN THE STAIRS EVERY CHANCE I GET!!! SO WHO’S THE PSYCHO ONE NOW??? […]

The Big D (Dallas, not Detroit)

I had e-mailed Phelps before I left San Angelo and said “I’m going to be wearing a maroon shirt and a black hat.” As I walked through the Dallas Greyhound station with two luggages and a cue stick strapped over my shoulder I thought “Why did I say maroon, I don’t know if this is […]


A federal appeals court has overturned a ruling that said the government must either charge or free Jose Padilla, who is alleged to have planned to use radioactive bombs on American targets. The government is once again able to hold Padilla without having to prove that he is guilty of anything simply by branding him […]

Latino Conference/White Girl

I was at this Latino HIV/AIDS Awareness Day conference in Grand Rapids this morning drinking coffee and overseeing the AV equipment. I kept scanning the room for chicks when I saw this nice looking white girl so I kept glancing to her side of the room trying not to make it look too obvious. At […]

Narrating and Violence

I haven’t blogged proper about my Texas trip, saying only a few things here and there. There are waaay too many things to cover in one post or in even three but here is something I needed to put out there. When I was in San Angelo my cousin made me a copy of some […]


According to a CNN article: “It is racist to call American citizens refugees,” the Rev. Jesse Jackson said, visiting the Houston Astrodome on Monday.” You’re stupid. You’re the dumbest person alive. You just bounce around making retarded statements from time to time to remind us that you’re still alive but you are irrelevant and you […]