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September 2005

The Premise

I’m reading an ABC news article this morning that is asking why Walmart was quicker in providing hurricaine assistance than FEMA. The story reads this as a what’s wrong with this picture sort of thing. I’m reading this is vindication of the rational objectivist premise that the private sector is better geared to do amost […]


In the news today a judge upheld a lawsuit by Muslim detainees who allege they were beaten and starved in the post 9-11 roundup. They argue that the government violated their right to appeal their solitary confinement in a special unit of the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. John Ashcroft counterargued that the threat of […]

Buffalo Bills

The office manager is cooler than a fan. She knows I’m a Bills fan so when she went back home to Buffalo last week she picked me up a Buffalo Bills drink holder. It’s got the throwback standing Buffalo logo like they had in the ’60s and ’70s only the buffalo is red with a […]

Don’t Smoke Weed

My son is fifteen and it just ocurred to me that I haven’t had the “don’t smoke weed” talk with him yet. It didn’t occur to me because I didn’t try smoking weed until I was seventeen and I didn’t like it so it’s never really been an issue for me. It just made me […]


New York Yankees star Derek Jeter recently received a letter warning him to stop dating white women. The letter further stated that he is a traitor to his race. Since Mr. Jeter is half black and half white that begs the question: a traitor to WHICH RACE???? Similar letters have been sent to black atheletes […]

Didn’t You Get the Memo?

A decision has come down to our office from on high. It says that Michigan has gotten some of the leftovers from Louisiana and since many of them will have dealings with the State government under no circumstances are we to refer to them as refugees, we are to call them evacuees. This decision is […]

USA!!! USA!!!

Us guys throwing horns while Rachael uses hers to expose her cleavage (I didn’t notice until I uploaded).

Gun Battle in Michigan

There is some proposed legislation here in Michigan that is shaping up to be the next gun control/rights battle in the nation. The language in this bill mirrors that in the law that recently passed in Florida removing the duty to retreat in cases of self defense. Gun control advocates are opposed to this bill, […]


Rachael and Brian came to town so we went out to Dagwoods because they had karaoke and we ran into some freaks that went to school with Brian and Rachael back in the day and everybody got the beers in and we all threw horns and we sang some songs and some guy tried to […]

The City

September 7, 1984: I disembark at the Greyhound station in Detroit. I’m fourteen and being as I’m unfamiliar with The City I have specific instructions to get a cab straight to Theodore Hughes’ place. “Do not go walking around outside the Greyhound station” I was warned. Not to worry. I’ve heard all about Detroit from […]