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August 2005

Leroy’s Night (written in the style of Fyodor Dostoevesky)

Michael Mexigov entered the tavern with the intention of playing billiards and perhaps washing down some fish stew with a glass or two of vodka. To his surprise, his friend Dave Fromthe”D”nikov was already there, partaking in a game with the his esteemed billiard master Rever Yousumnavich. Michael hailed the serving woman and broke some […]

My Politics

“These neighborhoods are still poor” I said “because when affirmative action came into play and people from here started to get jobs they didn’t reinvest in their communities. They didn’t build this place up, they moved out.” I wasn’t really voicing my own thoughts, it was something that I had read in a book and […]

Formative Years

Many people don’t know this about me. I’m actually a twin. My earliest memories involve me playing with my twin brother Michael. I was actually called Michael number two. We had all sorts of fun together. We were, like, identical. I always got along well with all my siblings but Michael and I were the […]

Libertad de Mi Familia

It’s the 4th of July but I don’t have the usual story of how my forefathers walked down the gangplank on Ellis Island or bound and chained in the bowels of a slaveship. My grandfather came here first as a legal migrant worker from Mexico in the World War II era ‘Bracero’ program (loosely meaning […]

Mexigogue Meets Robin From the INTJ Lists

Robin from the INTJ lists was in town yesterday so we made it a point to hang out. Since he’s a vegan (doesn’t eat meat, cheese, or milk products) we went to eat at an Arab restaurant first. First of all he’s got this really strange accent and he tried to convince me that everyone […]

From One Trip to Another One

UNLV took a lot of pictures when he was over here, many of which you may see on his blog. But of all the blog worthy pictures he took I am stealing this one and posting it myself. His whole point was to take a picture of the guy singing karaoke at the bar. I […]

New Computer

I have a new computer. My other one died about two weeks ago and rather than have it fixed I just decided to get another one. The dead one was about five years old, didn’t have the ability to increase to the amount of RAM I wanted, and had a retarded operating system (Windows Millenium). […]


I saw The One Who Will Not Be Named at the bar on Friday night. It was the first time I’ve seen her since late 2002 and it filled me with apprehension, kind of like being in a room and then realizing there are scorpions everywhere you step. I have not spoken to her in […]

Tall Cold Glass of Phlegm!

Co-worker: So you’re gonna go meet up with people you know from the internet??? Mexi: Yup. co-worker: Do you think that’s safe?? Mexi: Should be. They’re cool with me. . .. . . . .. . . . . . . . It helps that I told them I’m a 12-year old girl. I haven’t […]

Sympathy/Empathy (continued)

Addressing yesterday’s later coments. Oregonchick said: FWIW, I find that empathy works well within a systematic worldview, too. As an INTJ, empathy doesn’t come as naturally to me as systematic thinking does, but I have developed my own version of it as a response to the world around me. It helps me interact with others […]