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August 2005


My favorite scene from “The Big Lebowski” was when The Dude’s longtime friend died and was cremated. The low end vase for the remains was $200 and The Dude was seen remarking how expensive that was. The next scene shows him preparing to scatter the ashes in the ocean, saying a short eulogy and holding […]

Since HMT Didn’t Show up

Rice wine. We know you can’t see it but it was there. . . Nachos and Shiner Beer (that was a different restaurant and a different meal obviously). Eat your heart out HMT!!! MUHUHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAA!! And this was cool. At some point I’m going to have to start writing about it. But right now these pics […]

Mexi Posts

Too much to possibly write about right now but I will say this: I didn’t get any pu$$y but I think my reaction timing is just off. Hung out with Phelps and his brother at a Japanese place where we got the sake in (will post that at a later date) afterwhich we hung out […]

Whoose Inkompetent?

They’re everywhere. . . People who are dumb but do not know it. People who are exceptionally bad at something and keep right on plugging along, oblivious to the fact that that other people are jamming fingers in their ears at their singing, cringing at their jokes, or shaking their heads at their pool shots. […]


Here is an update picture after one month of beginning an excercise routine. Out of like 12 pictures snapped this is the best one so that means in my other ones I’m even uglier than this. Note, this is not a correct fighting stance, I was fighting against a crippled kid and I was trying […]

On The Front Lines

insurgent#1: I don’t have the heart for this anymore. This isn’t working, we’re spinning our wheels for no reason, all is lost. I’m going to quit. insurgent#2: If you quit now you’ll dissapoint all your loyal fans. insurgent#1: What fans? We’ve been killing our own civilians. The regular Iraqis hate us. insurgent #2: I’m not […]

Is Dubya Stupid?

Aiden commented that it is evident that Dubya is stupid and that the US has become the laughingstock of the world. But is Dubya really stupid? Think about it: I quote UNLV from half a year ago when we were debating prisoner of war ethics: This war is being fought for the same reasons all […]


Michigan has had record heat this year so I’m pretty much acclimated and not bothered by the Texas heat. Played tennis at high noon yesterday under the burning West Texas sun. I didn’t die. I’ve made sure to stay hydrated with Gatorade and bottled water. I can’t drink this West Texas water. Too nasty. I […]

The Mexigogue Takes on a Cult

This is an old story but nobody knows about it but me and perhaps Sir Courvoisier so it’s new to the rest of y’all. Here goes: Back in 1996 when I was new to the internet, I used to use my roomate’s AOL account and jump on the Islam Beliefs chatroom all the time and […]

The Way We Were