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July 2005


The Japanese military is trying to portray a massive underwater disturbance near Iwo Jima as the result of volcano erupting on the ocean floor. But we all know it’s Godzilla. It was only a matter of time.

Twisted Sister

The most infamous female sex offender in Canadian history is is about to be set free. Depending on whose side you listen to she was either coerced into these sex crimes by her domineering husband or she was a willing participant. What is not in dispute is that she and her husband raped and killed […]

Dropping Knowledge

If you’ve ever wondered what Maria Sharapova’s face looks like when she’s taking a grunt, you need wonder no more. Here it is. In fact if I ever happen to be in the bathroom when she’s in there dropping one I’ll look her straight in the face and say “I foresaw that you would look […]

What Would You Do?

ABC news has a story about a new anchor in Iowa who was abducted in 1995. Abduction stories are always bad but the most disturbing part of this story is that this woman knew she was being stalked. But 18 months after she got to Mason City, she discovered a chilling dark side to the […]