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July 2005

Mystery Submission

Wow. I just got a mysterious e-mail submission of a diddy some country dude made into an mp3 file. I’m not really big on country music but this is amazing. This guy has a lot of talent. I hope he sends me some more stuff soon. When you click on the link you’re going to […]

Huh huh!

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I went to the printer to see why my document wasn’t printing. It said “error, unexpected paper size”. I said “unexpect MY NUTS” and hit the printer on the side like the Fonz. My print job came through.* I hate lists. My office is in the process of moving from Okemos to downtown Lansing. Since […]

Einstein the Pimp

I’ve been looking for this all morning. I read a long time ago about a letter from Einstein to his wife that tended to shock people’s sensibilities. I thought it was cool because it showed that even a genius can have a rough time figuring out personal relationships. I think he was at the end […]

Fan Art

My daughter drew some fan art that we got posted to a fanfic site. This was handdrawn with a pen. I took a picture of the drawing and she used Jasp Paint Pro Shop 8 to edit and color the picture in. The work features some characters from the Mario Brothers game series and one […]


I captured a picture of my neighbors today. If they can take my sleep from me I certainly should be allowed to take their picture from them. As I mentioned before I’ve had my suspicions about them. They exhibit many of the typical drug-dealing behaviors, lots of activity at their house all hours of the […]

It’s in the Air

I smell hoboes. When I was about five we used to live on Anderson street which is gone and now replaced by Oldsmobile Park where the Lansing Lugnuts play baseball. Back then we would walk towards Michigan Avenue and there were always hoboes (they might have just been bums because I never saw any knapsacks […]

Throwing Stuff

I had some really good notes written out for today’s blog but Rip Hamilton ripped them up. So I’m winging it. Sorry for chopping Rachael’s head off yesterday Bri, you know how it is. I was reading on an online list about how some fool kid hit Cosmic Siren’s car with an egg. It reminded […]

Heh heh!

Vengeance is Mine (Kind of)

April 1987: I wake up at a friend’s house. My roommate Tyrone and I had gotten into a fight the day before, or rather he attacked me when I was drunk and sick. I was clobbered beyond belief. So this morning I wake up and think since I’m sober now, I’ve gotta get payback. But […]