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July 2005

Attempted Molestation in San Diego

From A San Diego channel 10 article. La Mesa police were searching Thursday for a man who tried to molest a 9-year-old girl in a park restroom, authorities said. The man entered the women’s restroom at La Mesita Park in the 8800 block of Dallas Street Wednesday, the La Mesa Police Department said in a […]

Stuff on My Nightstand Dresser

Phelps tagged me so now I have to say what stuff I have on my nightstand. After looking at the stuff he listed I began to feel kind of uneasy because I don’t have a nightstand proper. I have a chair at the foot of my bed that holds an electric fan and my alarm […]

Historic Exile

My being temporarily banned from Leroy’s is like when Martin Luther King was incarcerated and wrote his famous Letter from a Birmingham Jail. It’s like Moses wandering around the desert for forty years. It’s like the British Empire sending Ghandi to band camp against his will. Future generations will look back and see this as […]

The Non Regulated Drug Trade

The Mexigogue always rails against government but we all know that without government regulation like the Food and Drug Administration most businesses, being free, would twitch their evil mustaches and sell us all poison food and drugs with impunity. Or would they? An article on the WSYM website details a failed plot by Al Qaeda […]

Government Steps in to Fight Problems Caused by Government

I found some worthwhile news in the local paper. The Lansing State Journal has an article describing some new Michigan initiatives to address the problems of high divorce rates and fatherless children. These are indeed huge problems which correlate with high dropout and crime rates for children brought up in such families. My issue is […]

The Carmen Story (continued. . .)

San Angelo, Texas July 1986 Carmen’s mother hated me. I’m an outstanding guy so it must have been because she already had a kid by some sirve pa nada and I was just a seventeen year old student with no job. Since her mother was acting evil and her brother was nuts we decided to […]

My First Time

My first time was when I had just turned seventeen. Stop laughing, that’s about normal for dudes. I was in Texas, it was summer break from school, and this girl I liked named Della wasn’t ever going to give it up. She was in fact talking about becoming a nun. But she did hook me […]


I didn’t eat breakfast, I just decided to wait until lunch time to feast. I need a big burrito. Not one of the ones from Pancheros either. I want real Mexican shredded beef, hot salso, onions, and stuff in it. I miss that place in San Angelo I used to get the good stuff from, […]

The Fight, Remix Version

I was given a month off from Leroy’s for that fight. It’s unprecedented lenience. Every dude who has fought there before has been banned outright. I was actually expecting a one month ban so when Paulie said “one month” I was like wow, I was right! More news, they said the other guy was bleeding […]

Hit Me!

So I’m at Leroy’s and this ghetto peasant n00b is being annoying telling people what shot he would have took like he’s all sagacious and shit. The fucking retard is telling Ken how to shoot. Ken’s picture is on the wall for being on the team that took first place in the city of Lansing […]