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June 2005

Run Cut Short

I don’t quit runs. I push through until the end. There is no time for dying. Yesterday though, after a mile I had to stop. What the hell?? The sun was fiery and the air felt like the bathroom after a long hot shower. I walked back home in defeat. The laughter of the children […]

More Victims

I’m reading this CNN story on Hispanic and Asian population growth and it states that due to immigration and higher birth rates Hispanics and Asians are the fastest growing minority groups in the US. No surprise there, but what did jump out at me is the observation in the article by an expert on US […]

Learn to Read, Genius!

In my defense I’ve never used a boot up password before. We have a new staff person in the office and she’s been assigned a computer that was previously used by a guy who had a boot up password on his computer. They asked me to disable the password so she wouldn’t have to mess […]

Save Me from Myself

I was at a Division meeting yesterday. The subject was health disparities in people of color communities, specifically the higher rates of diabetes, heart disease, and lung cancer among minorities. People were discussing health screening and awareness campaigns that were designed to educate people about what’s good and bad for you. Then during the brain […]

Books and Philosophy

I came upon some knowledge by accident the other day. I accompanied my fifteen year old to the public library so he could search for references on an essay he was writing about teenage hormones. He needed fifteen of them. After looking at about seven books we had all the information he needed. He was […]


I used to like Kobe Bryant. In an era when too many basketball players declare for the draft and prove to be less than ready for the big time Kobe was an anomaly. He was intellectually precocious (spoke like five languages), came from a basketball family (father Joe “Jellybean” Bryant of the Philidelphia 76ers), and […]

Mexi’s Dolls Get Out of Hand

I know Ariela’s a nun but I guess she just couldn’t take it anymore. And the other guy is a wrestler so of course he was down for whatever. I should think next time before just throwing dolls together in the workspace. In other news Lindsay Lohan was injured when a photographer who was pursuing […]


UNLV Begins Work on a Unified Bum Theory. Read it, learn it, love it, live it. The practical application for this study is unlimited. A news story said some kids in Florida are being charged for kicking and stomping a bum to death. That not cool. The guy already knows he’s a bum, there’s no […]