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June 2005

Am I Lion???

These are the news stories I live for. A twelve year old girl in Ethiopia who was kidnapped was rescued by three lions who chased the kidnappers away and then stayed with the girl until she was tracked down by family and police. Men kidnap and beat girl, men get chased off by lions, lions […]


Here is an update picture after one month of beginning an excercise routine. Out of like 12 pictures snapped this is the best one so that means in my other ones I’m even uglier than this. Note, this is not a correct fighting stance, I was fighting against a crippled kid and I was trying […]

Grave Marker Follies

The Terry Shiavo saga continues. Insult was added to injury when the deceased woman’s husband had her cremated and buried the remains without notifying her parents or inviting them to the services. In my opinion haha! What else could they expect after accusing the man all these years of causing their daughter’s death, even after […]

20 – 22

Jordon cheats. I was playing my son in our long awaited one-on-one contest. My exercise regimen was paying off. It was a tough game and I was playing surprisingly well. Victory was at hand. I made a shot to bring it to game point. I needed one more basket and Jordon needed three. I took […]

Subway Guy

Last week it was sweltering. It was 94 degrees outside with the humidity at one percent below “swimming pool” and I needed to have lunch. I went to Subway and the line was to the door. Nobody else wanted to cook either. When I got inside I noticed that with the bread baking it was […]

Adversarial System

I like the US system of law. It’s adversarial. It’s defendant v plaintiff in civil court and defendant against the people in criminal cases. To be sure there are times when both parties hash out agreements but when it comes down to the essence it’s us versus them. It’s unleashing your entire aresenal and giving […]

Don’t Talk to the Jury

There were so many weak spots for the prosecution in the Michael Jackson case but if I had to choose the one that irked me the most it was the fact that the mother of the accusor was said to have answered the attorneys’ questions while looking directly at the jury as if she were […]

Those Crazy Mexicans!

Hey look a finger in my chili! Michael Jackson is molesting my son! And now, without any further ado, some news from my hometown of San Angelo Texas. A married couple is charged with raping their thirteen year old grandaughter. Arthur Y. Pena, 58, was charged with rape and his wife Lydia was charged with […]


Mike Tyson fights a hobo today. Who will win? I’m on the edge of my seat! Sometimes I miss the 80s.

A Perfect Day

HMT asks in a perfect day what would you do from sunrise to sunset? Since my answer is a little extensive I will post it here. But don’t forget to hit up his site and put your two cents in over there. In my perfect day I would be working in a Chinese restaurant. Then […]