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June 2005

Why I Open Fire

I’ve been debating on an online list expressing my contention that there is no purely altruistic action. I cited apparent altruistic actions of my own (washing a co-worker’s coffee cup while washing my own dishes ) and explained my own selfish motive for doing so (feeling magnanimous in anticipating someone’s unexpected joy in seeing their […]

Quality Dairy

When I was a little kid we used to love going to Quality Dairy (an inconvenience store chain in mid-Michigan) to get ice cream. QD sold everything else a corner store carries but there’s a central place where they produce their own dairy products so there’s QD milk and stuff but we loved them for […]

Feel the Burn!!!

After posting my one month update picture I had a letdown. I hadn’t exercised for a week and yesterday I couldn’t take it anymore. Hot weather be damned, I drank a lot of water, stretched, and took off running at about 8 p.m. It wasn’t quite high noon but the sun was still in the […]

I Hate My Neighbors

I have loud neighbors. Godawful loud neighbors. It’s not just sometimes, it’s damn near all the time. I don’t know if this is the same dude who got arrested shortly after moving in and then the cops had to come and send the K-9 unit to kick out his hangers-on, but it’s the same house. […]

In the News

In Southern Florida some teacher named Mr. Garrison was arrested for selling an assault weapon to a known felon. I am shocked. There’s a teacher named Mr. Garrison??? Does he wear leather chaps? Does he want to get rid of all the Mexicans? What does Mr. Hat think? I think if you’re the principle of […]

Damn Them All to Hell!!!

I can’t hold this in anymore. I have to say it. I absolutely HATE The Wiggles!!! They are now officially the most wealthy entertainers in Australia based on their 2004 earnings, just edging out Nicole Kidman and Russel Crow. And what have they gotten rich on? They make videos. I’ve watched these videos. They’re stupid! […]

What If

When discussing the possible existence of God, people usually think in terms of a dichotomy: either He is or He isn’t. But I was just thinking, what if there is a third option we are ignoring: What if God DID exist before but doesn’t anymore? What if (and bear with me here, this is complicated). […]

On the Front Lines

insurgent#1: I don’t have the heart for this anymore. This isn’t working, we’re spinning our wheels for no reason, all is lost. I’m going to quit. insurgent#2: If you quit now you’ll dissapoint all your loyal fans. insurgent#1: What fans? We’ve been killing our own civilians. The regular Iraqis hate us. insurgent #2: I’m not […]

Government Versus the People

The Supreme Court has ruled that government can raze your home against your will if they want to turn the land into a shopping mall. Property rights be damned, you own something only until the government decides they want to take it and then you have to move on. The government is winning the war […]


About five years ago I was hanging out early at The Point After. I was at the pool table but there was nobody to play against. Fiending to play I looked around but nobody even looked interested. I walked up to one guy who was sitting by himself at the bar. “Hey man, you wanna […]