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May 2005


So I’m at the spot shooting pool. This wanna be hustler is there trying to get someone to play a money game but nobody is biting. This other guy walks in and I say “There goes the side pocket kid!” “The side pocket kid?” this n00b asks me. “I never heard of him but I’ll […]

That’s Right. . . Finish Them Off

Imagine you’re a boxer and you’re in the fight of your life. You’re barely making it through the rounds and you go back to your corner exhausted and woozy. You’re alive, but barely. You imagine that the guys in your corner are going to help you, give you water, stitch you up. Instead you hear […]


Since Dr. Atkins made a lot of money from pimping an unhealthy diet, I’m going to come up with my own fad diet. It’s going to be the all salt diet. Eat as much salt as you want all day but you’re not allowed to eat anything else. Then when people start feeling ill the […]


I often hear people remark with pride, “I ain’t changed. I’m still the same person today as I was (x) years ago.” I’ve never understood how that’s something to regard as positive. I say life is a constant state of flux and if you’re not changing then you’re not learning. If you’re the same today […]

The Dumbest Girl I Ever. . .

Here is an e-mail from the dumbest girl I ever kicked it with. As soon as I got this I decided to stop seeing her. Check the grammar and spelling and you won’t even have to ask why: hello there just thinking of you before i go to sleep. i know you where going to […]

Represent Your Damn Self

I’m troubled by the case of the missing bride. It’s not so much that this crazy trick made up a story and got half the country worried about her, that was just funny. It’s not so much the fact that countless resources (human effort and dollars) went into the the search for her and it’s […]

Guitar Riff

Rachael’s blog makes me think of Eric Clapton’s song: LAYYYYYYYYLA (dedodedodedo dowww, day-do-day-do-dow, dedodedodedo dowww, DAY-do-day-do dowww) heh. . . hoo. That was cool! I’ll be glad when winter’s over. Damn snow.


Professor Michael Eric Dyson is the author of a book entitled “Is Bill Cosby Right?” which discusses Mr. Cosby’s social commentary regarding problems in impoverished black communities. His comments have drawn fire from people who say that he places too much blame on the decisions and actions of the community itself and that he is […]