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May 2005

Revenge of the Sith

Oh my god! You guys! I am seriously!! I just saw the new Star Wars movie! You guys are never gonna believe this! Darth Vadar is Luke’s father! Whoaaa! And now that you understand that, on to other things. . . . .. .. . . . . .. .. . . . . . […]

Attacking Jen’s Argument

Ok, Jen left a comment on my blog yesterday that I want to respond to but since it’s so long I’ll have to address it in a new post. And FYI Jen just because I argue against your point it is still all good. You’re still fine in an “I’m the Devil” sort of way. […]

Red Herring Soup

Looking at the comments at some of the blogs I’m noticing a lot of “red herring” statements lately. People toss out statements which appear calculated to bait others into taking the argument into a different direction. Someone posting a comment on The Everlasting Phelps mentioned the fact that Ted Nugent loves guns as a reason […]


My training as a data-entry guy makes me eminently qualified to comment on psychology issues. A few years ago my oldest son’s mother asked if I would ride down to Cleveland with her where she had to go to get some tests done before her surgery at the Mayonaisse Clinic. Since we were no longer […]

The Jesse Jackson School of Tricknology

I should stop paying attention to this clown. But when Jesse Jackson goes on record blasting Mexican President Vicente Fox for a racially “ominous” statement, I can’t help it. I have to see what this guy is saying. For those who don’t know, Jackson’s beef is that the Mexican President, in discussing Mexican immigration to […]

Mutual Benefit is Bad, Hm’kay?

I just thought of something. There’s been a rip roaring debate on Phelps’ blog regarding altruism and the supposed duty people owe to the rest of mankind. It has been my opinion that one person’s failure does not give them a moral or legal claim to someone else’s work product, but others see it differently. […]

Helping People

In 1993 I wanted to do something positive for the community. I was inspired by the idea of individuals helping out in their own neighborhoods to better things and I wanted to do some volunteer work. I ended up tutoring at this community-based organization where academically troubled students were being sent after school. I thought […]

Thursday Thought

The Mexigogue will be out of the office Thursday May 12. But I am leaving THIS blog entry (typed the night previous) for you all to think about: FUCK the environment! When you die the environment will STILL be around and it’s gonna be TAP DANCING ON YOUR GRAVE like one of those OLD VAUDEVILLE […]


Jerry Hobbs: Yes I killed my eight year old daughter and her best friend. And do you know why? Cop: Because you’re a dick? Hobbs: You’re a dick! Cop: You’re a dick! Hobbs: You’re a dick! Cop: You’re a dick!

I Rock

I was just going through some old e-mails I saved back in ’96. I came across this one where I was having an e-mail spat with this dizzy chick I had been kicking it with. She was all bent outta shape about something so I sent her what appears to be an olive branch. But […]