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May 2005

Cognitive Dissonance

My ex calls me bitching about our son’s attitude problem. I have no frame of reference because he doesn’t have an attitude problem when he’s with me. She says (among other things) that she’s going to send him to boot camp to get straightened out. I think she’s out of the ballpark. “Do you remember […]

World War II

HMT posted a picture over at his blog that gives you World War II in a nutshell. That was my favorite war, particularly since the United States wasn’t eager to get in it. Before the United States entered there was a fairly strong movement in the US that favored non involvement. I’ve seen pictures from […]

Standing to Sue

A woman is indicted for hiring a stripper for her 16 year old son’s birthday party. She is being charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and involving a minor in lewd acts. She would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t been for the meddling people at the drug store […]

Spooning with the Homeless

I did a short run yesterday and then prepared to lift weights. Last week I took heavy weights and did two sets of everything and ended up completely spent. It took four days for the soreness to go away and I rested two additional days because I was playing America’s Army. Yesterday I added ten […]


I’m usually the one who ignores people here at work, not because I have anything specifically against individuals, but because I hate people. To some I am friendly but the others to whom I don’t speak either can’t figure me out or regard me as decidedly anti-social. I find that funny as all get-out but […]

Role Models

I roll my eyes every time an NBA player does something wrong and some idiot says he’s a terrible role model for our kids. He’s an NBA player. HE ISN’T GETTING PAID TO RAISE YOUR KIDS!! He’s there’s to rebound, assist, score points, and play defense. If you as a parent want your child to […]

Fun with Logical Fallacies

The argument I made yesterday was just an example of some fun I have with logical fallacies. The “either you want wild animals dead or you want to kill kids” line is a false dilemma. I was, of course, ignoring a third possibility that some people would like to find a solution where animals and […]

Animal Protection Groups Hate Children

From this abcnews article On the other side of the country, Oregon lawmakers have been debating whether to rewrite an 11-year-old law that banned using dogs to hunt cougars, except in cases where a particular animal had been identified as a threat. There have been increasingly frequent sightings reported in the Northwest, some by parents […]

Rachael Says I’m Fat

I’m buying running shoes. Here is my “before” picture.

The Jesse Jackson Show

Jesse Jackson is still making noise about the controversial statement by the Mexican President Vicente Fox. Now Jackson makes a statement designed to get everybody in place according to his color scheme. According to this ABC news article: He said Mexicans and blacks in the United States were the victims (emphasis mine) of U.S. policies […]